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Sky lift AGP-22

Name of index AGP-22
Working lifting height, m 22
Carrying capacity of the cable car, kg 300
Max arm, m 10.5
Time of getting up of bearing platform on a most height from the level of stand, s 160 ± 40
Most rate of movement in a transport position on roads, km/h
with the ground coverage

The specific control expense of fuel in an operating condition must be no more, dm3/h. 5.5
Base undercarriage of cars ZIL-130-80 ZIL-131
ZIL-431412 ZIL-431410
ZIL-433360 ZIL-4331
ZIL-4333 Ural 4320
Ural 5557 MAZ 5337
KAMAZ 4308 KAMAZ 6511
Sizes are in a transport position, mm

Supporting contour, mm 4240х4000
Mass of equipment, kg 5300
General mass, kg, no more 9200


Warranty term for usage of the mounted equipment is 24 months from the date of manufacture but no more than 18 months from putting the AGP 22 into service. Reliable performance of the mounted equipment units of the AGP is supported by twenty protection systems guaranteeing personnel security. Structure of the automatic hydraulic ram allows controlling the mounted equipment both from the cable cat and working platform, and remote control panel, which allows for the easiness in service and performing repair works.